RockMiner New R-Box 2.0 – 110 GHs Bitcoin Miner REVIEW


Pros & Cons:
The Most Efficient Entry Machine in Bitcoin Mining. RockMiner New R-Box 2.0 Produces 100-110 GHs. It is a fully self-contained hashing system. Requires power and USB data to get up and running. Mine only sha256 based crypto currencies. No Litecoin. Power consumption (100 ~ 130W). No Instructions with the product (check setup video).

Are you looking for a serious, yet cost-effective Bitcoin miner? The New, 110 GHs RockMiner R-Box is the item you need. It is a fully self-contained hashing system, requiring power and USB data to get up and running. Price $84.99. Check in Amazon

  • Bitminter´╗┐ can be used.
  • It may mine freicoins with it and you may get between 100 and 150 freicoins/day.
  • Can be clocked to 130 GH/s.
  • Each RockMiner will draw about 130 watts at peak. A 650 watt power supply will power approximately 4-5 depending on efficiency of the power supply.
  • It is software run like cgminer or bfgminer it need USB ports to have communication with the web.

It is a GPU processor. You still need a Linux, windows or OSX os to run the application for the mining software.
Below video shows how to setup RockMiner New R-Box Bitcoin Miner.

It runs a little louder, and weighs about 14 lbs due to a large heat sink and dual fans.

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