HP M177FW Printer Review


Pros & Cons:
A Solid multi-function printer at affordable price. Simplify copying-quickly capture two-sided documents in fewer steps. Impress with professional color-show your best work with vivid documents and keep black printing costs low

There are a wide range of printer options to choose form. The HP M177FW is a printer that comes in the under $500 category. However, even if it’s possible to come across a wonderful printer deal once in a while, most of the time, you get what you pay for. In other words, the higher the price the better the features the printer has. It would be difficult to compare printer in different price ranges. Having said so, let’s look at the features of this printer.

The HP M177FW design looks like those from the higher price ranges. It looks solid and doesn’t look cheap at all. It’s designed as a multi-tier printer which makes it easier to reach out to all sections of the printer. However, in the design, there is a compromise on the output tray which isn’t so sold and can easily be dislodged. This printer has an automatic document feeder which is located on the top of the chassis. The input paper tray holds up a maximum of 35 pages. Scanning needs to be done manually if it has to be done on two pages. This printer has an impressive rate of 17 ppm for black and white and 4 ppm for color. There are faster printers but we are comparing it to others in this category. The scan resolution runs at 1200*12000 drops per inch DPI.

The printer can be connected with Ethernet, 2.0 USB or Wi-Fi for printing purposes which is very useful in an office. It minimizes the cluttering brought about by multiple connections. It is a laser printer with four discrete cartridges for color printing. It has touch capabilities through the LCD which is 3 inches. This particular feature is at par with more expensive models.

This printer is very suitable for a small office or home where it is required occasionally. For more intensive printing works, you might require another printer. Don’t get it wrong, the print quality of this printer is excellent only that it cannot be used for very demanding tasks. If in a printing business, this printer might serve you better as a secondary or back up printer. We can confidently say that this printer is a good value for money and easy to operate. Even for those people who have never used a printer before, just a few instructions and you are all set to print your first page.

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