Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK Desktop Review


Pros & Cons:
The 3rd gen Intel Core i5 processor and the 8 GB RAM are two stand out specs that will handle everything you throw at them. Powerful Desktop.

The Dell Inspiron i660-5041BK is a desktop PC that is suitable for both home and office settings. It will meet the demands of the average user. There are many different reasons why you’d want to acquire a desktop. It might be for entertainments, work, study and all this will be well served by this desktop. Let’s look at some of the features of this desktop and find out if it will be a right choice for you.

This desktop has been the most recent Intel technology installed. The 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3340 processor is a very powerful processor that will comfortably handle most tasks including high resource intensive ones. The RAM of this computer is the 8GB DDR3 SDRAM 1600MHz. It has 1 TB of storage. The 7200rpm SATA interface hard disk is responsible for this. The motherboard is integrated with graphics controlled by the Intel HD chip.

Unlike many desktops, this one has the wireless connectivity enabled through the use of the wireless-N technology by Microsoft. Though this desktop doesn’t have speakers, the onboard sound is capable of 5.1 audio through home theater and other sound management devices. It comes installed with windows 7 premium 64 bit which supports any software that you may wish. In case of accessories and how to connect them, there are various connection types which allow for this. These are located on the front and the back of this PC. O the front part we have two 2.0 USB hubs and at the back there are two other 2.0 USB hubs. We also have four 3.0 USB hubs. These are more than enough for any number of connections you might want. There is an 8.1 media card reader on the front part and microphone jacks. There are HDMI and VGA ports as well as LAN port for Ethernet.

This PC is one which has received many acclaims due to its solid performance and power to carry out even intensive tasks comfortably. Gamers, students, casual users will all find this PC a good choice. The 3.4 quad core processor and the 8 GB RAM are two stand out specs that will handle everything you throw at them. Though this machine is more expensive than the average desktop, it packs far more powerful specs and should be a good deal. However, if you are just want a PC for small office and home work like emailing, movies, this PC might not be ideal for you. It suits users who want more than just the basics.

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