ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube Review


Pros & Cons:
Runs at up to 38GH/s (if over-clocked); 30GH/s guaranteed. Built in super cooling fan make this device always Cool. Less power consumption. The unit will be powered off in case of fan failure.

The newest product from the first and most reliable ASIC Bitcoin miner company. Runs at up to 38GH/s (if over-clocked); 30GH/s guaranteed. Units are stackable and include ethernet, 2x 6-Pin PCIe power ports, a built in cooling fan, and temperature and power cutoffs for heat management. Communicates over ethernet via the Getwork protocol for hashing. USB port is included for firmware updates. Buy ASICMiner Block Erupter Cube From Amazon

Specifications for Block Erupter Cube
Speed: 30 Gh/s Guaranteed, 38.4 Gh/s theoretical when overclocked
Power Consumption: Approx. 200W, approx. 280W when overclocked
Compact, self-contained unit: 136mm x 153mm x 148mm
Efficient Cooling
Tubular structure built for airflow
Built-in 12cm fan, strong but quiet
The unit will be powered off in case of fan failure
Plug & Play
2 x PCIe 6 pin connectors for power supply
RJ45 socket for Ethernet connection
USB connection for debugging and firmware updates
Configuration through web page
Status LED indicating getwork/putwork activity
Powered by the World’s first mining ASIC
Consists of six mini blades with 16 chips each
Speed of each chip can be monitored in web page
Overclocking just by one button click
Extruded aluminum enclosure, rigid and tough
Multiple units can be slid together by ‘tongue and groove’ system
Accessories coming soon: adapter for server PSUs, cable converters, etc.

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